Don't Shop Till You Drop!

Don't Shop Till You Drop!



Whether you've dreamt of this day for many moons or have absolutely no idea what you are looking for in a gown, the moment has's time to go dress shopping! You may ask yourself, what are some helpful tips to find your dream gown without turning the experience into an endless and stressful search? Say no more, we are here to help you make this experience as enjoyable and painless as possible!


Before we go any further, ultimately remember, finding your dress is suppose to be an exciting experience! Enjoy the process, trust your bridal stylist and soak in all the celebration!


First things first. Do your research. What style are you looking for in your gown? What is the tone and feel you'd like to set for the day? It is okay if you don't know exactly what silhouettes look best on you (that's where your bridal stylist comes in handy), but how would you like to feel as a bride? Romantic, comfortable, effortless, timeless, classic, unique, edgy, nontraditional? Figure out a few key words to best describe your style, then search for boutiques in your area that carry the designs you think best express how you'd like to feel. It's best to do your research so that you do not leave a boutique feeling frustrated that they did not carry the aesthetic you were looking for.


Only book one to two appointments...three if you must. We mean it when we say this, promise. It's not a trick or crafty sales tactic. You will quickly learn, trying on gowns can become a good workout! Most brides do not realize the toll a day full of shopping can take on you and your party! So, do your best to not exhaust yourself physically and mentally when looking for what you'd like to wear down the aisle. Keep it simple and keep it fun! Book a couple appointments, make that brunch reservation and get that bottle of champagne ready to pop when you found "the one!"


So now, you think you found your dress at the first shop? That's amazing! Claim that beauty, cancel your next appointment and pop that celebratory champagne!! Seriously. It is totally normal and certainly not the exception to the rule in this case. Most gals do find their gown during their first appointment. However, it always feels like a psychological gamble (or FOMO) to feel the need to scour the land, exhausting all of your options before committing to the dress. Here's our next piece of advice: do not be afraid to commit! You love the dress right? Can you picture yourself walking down the aisle, dancing the night away, the whole nine yards and everything right?! You found a gown that you love. So what's there to really worry about? Nothing. Congrats! Be excited, you found your dress!


You've heard the saying, "comparison is the thief of joy." This same saying applies here. Once you have committed to the gown of your dreams, stop looking at other dresses. Stop scrolling through bridal websites and unfollow bridal boutiques...your dress is perfect, do not second guess the feeling that you had when you first found the one! The more you compare, the more and more you will be robbed of the excitement about your dress. You do not need to add the unnecessary stress to your life. Block out all the other options and start accessorizing for the perfect gown you found!


Remember, your stylist is your bridal BFF! Trust their expertise to help you find the perfect dress for your special occasion. They are there to advocate for you and help allow for your vision come to life!



Searching for your dream dress? Look no further! We are here to make it happen. Book your appointment at LVD Bridal today!