Put on Your Party Dress!

Put on Your Party Dress!

Put on Your Party Dress!. Mobile Image

Feb 24, 2020

You did it, Youre married! Youve walked down the aisle, taken pictures with your new partner for life, bridal party and extended family. Your wedding dress was the gown of your dreams and it was such an important decision! 

BUT what if even though its your perfect wedding dress it isnt your perfect party dress? Some brides have started opting for a second look for their reception so they can have full reign of their reception. If you are one of those brides here are some tips I have for you in helping pick your perfect party dress!



Effortless Flow

Your reception is the time to hang out with your closest family and friends, enjoy the food you worked so hard to pick and and take a spin on the dance floor! If you are the kind of bride that doesnt want to worry about if they can sit comfortably all night or not get close to your new husband to dance you need slip dress! The beauty of a slip dress is that it allows you free range, the fit of a slip dress is meant to not hug your body in any way just flow and move with you! The slip dress is very light weight usually made out of fabrics like silk or chiffon to allow for ultimate freedom and breathability. 




Change it Up!

Some brides want to be able to have the best of both worlds when it comes to your gown. And guess what you totally can! Give yourself that full skirt, classic, queen moment for your ceremony and for your reception? How about a form fitted silhouette? Being able to have a sheath silhouette allows you to really show off! Maybe add a sassy opened back or statement lace.  The beauty of giving yourself a more form fitting reception gown is that you will never have that what if moment, you will be able to know that you had the opportunity to have both styles on your day!



Ok Ill let you in a little secret. I LOVE SPARKLES! I love being able to shimmer with every move. But Im not sure if I want to have that be my main wedding vibe, if any brides out there are like me then you know what you gotta do! Pull out your best reception gown in the sparkly sense. On the one day you get to be the center of attention why not literally sparkle and shine! I fully beaded or bedazzled gown will give you that extra wow factor that will make your night unforgettable!


I would also love to note that even though I highlighted 3 different second look styles there are an unlimited amount of options! The only thing that truly matters is that you feel like you are the best you at the wedding you have worked so hard to plan. My best advice?  Base your reception look on the thing that is most important to you about your night. 


We cant wait to help you find your party dress!