Intimate Wedding Ceremony Inspiration

Intimate Wedding Ceremony Inspiration. Mobile Image

Jun 02, 2020

With so many things shifting rapidly and wedding decisions changing by the day a la COVID-19, we decided to round up our favorite intimate wedding ceremony inspiration. So whether your current wedding day plans looks like just the two of you in an open space or a gathering of 50 people or less, we still want you to feel inspired and excited for your special day. We know regardless of what it looks like it will be magical, because its your wedding day after all.


We smiled as soon as we saw this zoom living room wedding captured by Tanner Burdge Photo. We highly suggest checking out this whole blog post, you can see the absolute joy of this couple while they get married with love ones live on phones and zoom backgrounds strategically placed to surprise the bride and groom with a drive bride parade after they said I do.



Photo: Nick Plus Danee

Maybe youve got most of the elements of your newly elopement style wedding day set including photographer, dress and place. Dont forget little details. You need to eat too. We love that this couple sat down with their champagne and pizza and soaked up their moment together. You can see their entire elopement here. Ceremonial cutting of the pizza pie?



If your wedding date is still a little ways out you might be looking to do something small, but still want it to feel like the wedding you had pictured. We love this couples backyard gathering, you can easily pop up a table or two, add a tablecloth, flowers and twinkle lights, maybe pull out a rug from the house. Bam, instant intimate party to celebrate with those who matter most.



More Photos Here.

More Photos Here.

Were completely inspired by this bridal look by stylist Lolita Jacobs for whatever your new wedding day plans might look like. Simple details all placed together to make a big impact. Need a veil? We got you.



Photo by: @teresa_crim

Photo by: @teresa_crim

Theres no right or wrong option when it comes to shifting wedding plans right now. Were in the midst of a global pandemic that hasnt had a lot of clear direction on how everything is going to play out. Do what feels best for you. If thats sticking with your date now, doing something small and a bigger something later? Great. If thats postponing altogether? Cool. If its just doing something intimate now? Awesome. We're here for you every step of the way.