LVD New Arrivals

LVD New Arrivals

LVD New Arrivals. Mobile Image

Mar 21, 2021

Whether beading, lace, or Swiss dots are your thing weve got a wide variety of bridal styles to choose from the new arrivals at LVD Bridal Shop in Nashville Tennessee. Featuring flowing skirts, sparkle, and whimsical details theres certainly something at LVD for you to fall in love with!


Leighton by Jenny Yoo


jenny yoo - leighton 4 - 9 copy.jpeg


Willow by Jenny Packham


jenny packham - willow sd - 1 copy.jpeg


Simona by Christos


christos - simona - 2 copy.jpeg


Emerson by Kate McDonald


kate mcdonald - emerson d - 1 copy.jpeg


Lucia by Flora Bridal


flora - lucia f 0 - 3 copy.jpeg


Teresa by Hayley Paige


hayley paige - teresa - 1 copy.jpeg


Tati B by Houghton


houghton - tati b - 2 copy.jpeg