Choosing Your Bridal Style

Choosing Your Bridal Style. Mobile Image

Feb 09, 2021

Once wedding planning starts suddenly theres so many questions headed your way of what your preferences are that you might start asking yourself, What do I like? Weve made a guide of a few tips and tricks to help you feel confident in your decision making process so that when you reflect on wedding photos and memories you can say that felt so much like me and us in that phase of life.


Real LVD Bride Skye wearing Sarah Seven photographed by Caleb Irvin.


Real LVD Bride Skye wearing Sarah Seven photographed by Caleb Irvin.


Look at Your Home Decor

How youve decorated where you live says a lot about you. Youve likely gathered and collected items over the years, made decisions of what to keep or purge during moves, and started to blend you and your fiancés home preferences together. Are you a modern minimalist at home? Laid back California style? Traditional? Your home is a place where you feel comfortable, so if you mirror wedding design off your home design it will reflect those feelings.


Create a Mood Board

Start saving and pinning things. Once youve got a selection of photos gathered that you feel drawn to, pay attention to the overall feeling vs the actual items in the photos. Are you more drawn to playful and funky choices or romantic and elegant? Are you noticing a lot of soft curves or hard clean lines? Figuring out the little details you are drawn to can help when youre torn between a couple great options.


Look at Your Closet

Finally, look at your wardrobe in your closet. Do you typically choose high neck shirts? Are you big on patterns or is your closet mostly solids? Do you love wearing fun shoes? Is there a lot of color or neutrals? Think about how that might effect what types of flowers youd be holding walking down the aisle. If youre big on accessories completing your outfit then that feeling likely wont change for your wedding day.