Perks of Buying From a Small Business

Perks of Buying From a Small Business

There are so many benefits to choosing a local wedding dress shop! There can be some disadvantages to shopping through an online retailer or nationwide chain even though it can be enticing. Despite our bias, the experts at LVD Bridal in Nashville, TN, believe shopping at an independent, local wedding retailer is the way to go not just for your wedding dress, but for all your wedding needs! Here are some perks of buying your wedding dress from a small business:



Supporting an Independently-owned Business


Whenever you visit a local bridal shop or boutique, you’re likely supporting a family or independent owner who lives in your area. LDV Bridal was started in Nashville in 2014 by Camile Wynn and The Dress Theory Nashville team, eventually expanding into a beloved brand that now offers our locals a fantastic wedding dress shopping experience. It means a lot to us when locals choose to shop with us!




Visiting a wedding dress retailer with dozens of locations may be enticing, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking out that experience. However, the convenience of finding a local shop that’s a fairly quick drive away is such a great benefit to shopping locally. And even if you don’t find the perfect dress on your first visit, you might find yourself falling in love with the shop and team members!


Years of Experience


Local wedding vendors are likely to have a ton of experience under their belts! Whether your stylist is a new employee or has worked elsewhere in the bridal industry, they have learned from the experts. Bridal shops are more than just retail stores. The bridal industry is constantly changing, so a lot goes on behind the scenes! Being able to trust a local shop that has extensive bridal knowledge can be a huge relief.


Boost Your Local Economy


Your local economy will benefit from shopping locally, of course. There's just something about shopping locally that makes you feel good about it, although shopping online or at a national retailer can boost the economy as well. What could be better than supporting your own community? 


Get a Personal Approach


Shopping locally for your wedding dress means getting a completely personalized experience. When you shop online, you won't get that kind of personal attention, nor will you receive it if you shop at a larger retailer! Imagine walking into a dress shop and being greeted by name, being asked how your family is doing, and hearing about a new restaurant that opened down the street. Local bridal shops make you feel like family more than anywhere else!


Customization for Your Wedding Dress


You will be able to find one-of-a-kind wedding dresses when you shop locally, as well as many options for customizing your dress. If you find a dress that you love but want to make some slight changes, we can offer a variety of adjustments to make it the perfect dress for you! 

If you're interested in shopping with us to support a local business, book your appointment with the team at LVD Bridal in Nashville today!