Wedding Day Packing 101

Wedding Day Packing 101

The moment has're getting ready to walk down the aisle and celebrate a lifetime of wedding bliss with your love! If you're anything like me, you might procrastinate in your packing, leaving you either scrambling to bring everything with you or being completely scatterbrained and forgetting it all. So! Let's make sure that doesn't happen on your wedding day and talk about a few things every bride should pack with them on their day. 




Wedding Dress, Jewelry & Veil:

Sounds like an obvious one, but you never know what emotions might flare up during the day. You could find yourself leaving the morning of in such an adrenaline rush that you might forget to grab one of the most important items of the day. Just to be safe, assign that task to someone prior to keep tabs on your dress at all times.  Be sure to pack your shoes and any necessary undergarments as well.


Wedding Bands & Invitation:

You will certainly want to bring your wedding band for the ceremony, but it is also a good idea to bring a copy of your wedding invitation for your photographer to capture some beautiful detailed shots of your rings with your invites!


Emergency Kit:

This is a little tote full of every little thing you might need from extra eyelash glue, nail file, cleansing wipe to fashion tape! You can purchase these little packs off Amazon or make them yourself! They also make for great bridesmaids or mother of the bride gifts. Especially seeing everyone might need a little touch up before walking down the aisle. Bringing your makeup, hairspray, bobby pins, etc. are quite helpful too!


Hand Steamer:

We recommend you steam your gown the night before as to give some time for your dress to settle and hold its shape well, but it's always a great idea to bring a hand steamer with you to smoothen out any little creases you might have in your dress, veil or have on hand in case someone in your bridal party comes with wrinkly garments!


Marriage License:

You probably shouldn't be the one that has to remember to bring this, but certainly make sure someone is assigned to pack the marriage license. You don't want to have to send a groomsmen or bridesmaid back to the house to retrieve it! Trust me from experience on that one. 



If you haven't already distributed your gifts to all of your people by now, be sure to have your gifts packed and ready to bring with you to the venue.



If you have any medicine you regularly take, don't forget to pack it! Also a good idea to have Tylenol or Advil on hand in case any champagne headaches arise. 



You certainly do not want to forget this!! Be sure to keep your vows in a safe place and give them to your officiant or MOH when you get to the venue.


Cellphone Charger:

Most likely, you won't be on your phone much during your wedding day, but it's always good to have your phone packed and charged for when you and your love make your getaway at the end of the night. Or you could very well let your phone run out of batteries to really go off grid and stay unplugged post saying "I do." ;) 


Snacks & Drinks:

Make sure you are well nourished and stay hydrated throughout the day!



Overall, you've got a great team who has your back the whole way! Don't be afraid to ask them for help or delegate tasks. Remember, it's your day. You have the chance to use your "Bride Card" for this very special day. Cheers!