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Liz & Brandon Bosler

Wedding Date: 10.16.2021

Venue: Centennial Art Center and Garden

Photographer: Lara Howell


How was your experience at LVD Bridal?

Kelsey at LVD was who helped me to find my dream dress, and the one I ultimately chose was the very first dress I ever tried on. Kelsey took my visions from my Pinterest board and curated my choices to fit my aesthetic perfectly. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable, which confirmed I had chosen the right place. Because it was the very first dress I ever tried on, I was hesitant, but I knew it was the one because I compared everything else to that dress and couldn't stop thinking about it! I called Kelsey first thing the next morning to purchase my dress, and am so happy I did. Looking back, I wish I could relive the day I found my dress as it was such a beautiful and special day in our love story. I wish that it was in vogue to wear your wedding dress often because I would love to! :) My advice for others finding their dream dress is much like finding their soulmate - when you know, you know. There is a different feeling when you find the dress that you'll wear on your wedding day - I hope that it makes you feel beautiful, alive, and excited! I found it helpful to have only my mom and my MOH with me, as it helped cut down on too many opinions. Ultimately I chose the dress that made me feel confident and reflective of my style. I love LVD!


Tell Us About Your Wedding:


We got married in October of 2021 outside at the Centennial Art Center, located within Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. Our wedding took place in the evening in the garden, and the whole day was absolute magic.



Photos: Lara Howell (

Florals: Nashville Flower Market (@nashvilleflowermarket)

Coordinator: Katie Osborne (@katieocoordination)

HMU: Jennie Hayes (@beauty_by_jenniferleigh)

Rentals: Southern Events (@southerneventsonline)