Current Wedding Trends for 2022

Current Wedding Trends for 2022

Current Wedding Trends for 2022. Mobile Image

Jun 07, 2022

Well by now you are nearly halfway through the 2022 Wedding Season, so it only seemed appropriate to discuss the current trends for our 2022 brides.



As you may have noticed already, many couples are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to deciding which traditions to keep and which ones to kick to the curb. More and more, tossing the bouquet/garter, cake cutting, speeches and toasts are not as common to see during the wedding reception. Most toasts, MOH and Best Man speeches are happening more during the rehearsal dinner instead! Remember, it's your day, feel free to celebrate how you and your love want to enjoy your first celebration together as newlyweds with your guests!



Nothing like getting to celebrate love during the midweek! With work schedules being more flexible and guest lists being smaller, weekday weddings are becoming more of a thing. Plus, it's a great option to save some extra money in the wedding budget!



Yep, you read that correctly...unusual entertainment! Live entertainment (with a twist!) during cocktail hour or during the reception is becoming more and more common. You might find yourself listening to a saxophone soloist, watching a magician, juggler, or find yourself in awe with a live painter!




Fortunately, being sustainable and eco-friendly is becoming second nature in the wedding industry! Many couples and vendors are making conscious decisions when it comes to their florals, table settings and wedding attire. All of our gowns at LVD Bridal cater to the sustainable fashion industry. We are proud to say that we allow gowns to have a second life and not go to waste!



I've seen it, you've seen it, we all have seen it. Bridgerton has made a major impact in the wedding industry! From the soft blue color scheme, garden party scenery to the straight necklines and romantic gowns, this hit Netflix show certainly has become popular this year to throw a beautiful ball!




Not a Bridgerton fan? No problem! There are plenty of other ideas when it comes to throwing a themed wedding! Couples are wanting more crowd participation from their guests. Coming up with a theme for their wedding attire has become more popular this year. Whether it's subtle in color scheme or a full blown masquerade, be on the lookout for more themed weddings this year!



Looking to elope? Why not try somewhere you two have never been before! Especially since more couples are downsizing their guest list and waiting to have a reception in the near future, eloping in a destination location is a perfect way to celebrate love!