Designer Highlight: Rue De Seine

Designer Highlight: Rue De Seine

Designer Highlight: Rue De Seine. Mobile Image

Oct 27, 2022

A longtime personal favorite designer to LVD Bridal is Rue de Seine. Not only because we love their effortless bohemian looks, attention to detail, and well crafted gowns, but because Michele Corty and her team are top notch when it comes to running an upstanding company.


The company was inspired while Michele Corty was living in Paris after her and her love tied the knot on the Rue de Seine. Later, she took back with her to New Zealand the artistic vibrance, passion and creativity France had to share to birth what is popularly known today in the bridal world as Rue de Seine.


Based in New Zealand, each gown, veil and accessory is created to perfection specifically with the bride at hand. It is not mass produced or manufactured out, but made under the same roof as the entire design team. All Rue designs are created specifically for that particular dress, thus you will never see the detailing replicated in any other gown. All of the unused fabric is donated by the Rue team to a local university, where they also partner with graduate students to work with the company to further in their developing craft.


Rue de Seine not only creates incredible gowns, but they go above and beyond to create an experience for their Design Team, Production Team and the next generation to invest in their careers and well being.




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