Traditionally, eloping has been associated with stories of star-crossed-lovers and defiance. In recent years, eloping has risen in popularity and repositioned itself as an adventurous act that can be just as, if not even more, thoughtful, meaningful, and exciting as having a traditional wedding ceremony. Eloping is intimate, allowing you and your partner to focus on just each other, rather than catering to a full crowd, and it makes for a magical story. Here are some of our favorite places to get hitched:


Nothing provides “I do” backdrops quite as stunning as the many greenery-filled landscapes the globe has to offer. From sunny, forested mountain ranges, such as Yosemite National Park or the Dolomites, to white peaks of glittering snow, like Colorado or Canada, the possibilities for breathtaking views and perfect photo-ops are endless!


Sandy Spots

For more relaxed, boho vibes, warm deserts and sandy shores are the way to go. Say your vows with a peaceful, minimalist background somewhere like Morocco or White Sands National Park, or opt for a beachy getaway to Hawaii or Bora Bora for some fresh seafood. Look forward to sandy feet and romantic pictures. 


Lastly, for couples looking for some fun, an exciting city is the perfect place to elope. Consider Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and even, right here in Nashville! From a rustic farm to a historic mansion, the possibilities for your special day in the Music City are endless. The foodie and music culture are alive and thriving, giving you two a lovely opportunity to spend your first moments as newlyweds exploring a city rich in excitement. Check out the Memphis Botanic Garden, Heartwood Hall in Rossville, or Grace Valley Farm in Shelbyville for some beautiful, outdoorsy venues nearby!