How to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress

How to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress

People often do not tell you this, but engagement season can be tough. While it is a whole period dedicated to preparing to get married to your love, there are lots of emotions, transitions and planning that goes into play before you get to walk down that aisle. So, how do you deal with all the stress? Let’s walk through a few tips that can help take the pressure off the planning so you can truly enjoy everything about being engaged! Remember, it is suppose to be fun!


Prioritize - Make a Todo List

What needs to get done? Start by checking off the big things first. Nail down your budget and do your research. Things can add up quick, but don’t let that stop you - there are MANY options to budget, save and accomplish the dream wedding you are envisioning. Your venue, dress, photographer, caterer and DJ are a few of the major ones you should find first after you finish budgeting. Once you find your venue and dress - you really can start planning what kind of aesthetic and vibe you want to create for your day through florals, decor and design!

Take it step by step. Remember, you are running a marathon and you need to pace yourself to make it across the finish line (or to the honeymoon) in one piece. Some find it easiest to have a notebook, excel spreadsheet or binder with all your wedding details so that everything is all in one place! Lists are also super helpful for you to best remember details, thoughts and questions you might have.


Create Healthy Boundaries

We cannot stress this one enough! Wedding planning can bring out many opinions, unsolicited or not. It is important for you to set expectations with your fiancé, family members, bridal party and yourself early so that feelings do not get hurt or so that conflict from unspoken expectations don’t arise. As always, communication is key!


Take Time for Yourself

Another MUST. You’ve got a lot on your brain and a lot on your plate. Take time to do whatever it is you need to do to clear your brain, relax and destress. Meditate, workout, take a bath, go for a walk, get coffee with a friend - anything that is not wedding related! The better you take care of yourself, the easier it is for you to pour into others, do your work well and have energy to plan the perfect day you’ve dreamt of!


Have Date Nights with Your Love!

But here’s the plot twist: do not talk about wedding plans. Quickly you will find conversations will be all consumed by any and everything wedding related. As fun as the planning and dreaming can be, remember you two are heading into a marriage that is built to last, not built on just one day. Continue conversations outside of the amazing party you are planning!


Unfollow Wedding Dress Accounts

We said it. Stop looking at dresses. Yours is perfect. Unfollow the accounts, go shoe shopping and get to your alterations appointment.


Ask for Help!

Finally, remember you are so loved and people WANT to celebrate you and your love! There are many people in your corner and on your team that want to help! It is okay to ask for help. If you need a planner or month of planner, that’s great! If you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, that is perfectly acceptable too. You do not need to do this all by yourself, nor are you expected to. Seek help. Delegate nicely. And soak in every moment you can. Like we said earlier, being engaged is suppose to be fun! It’s a special season…enjoy the journey!