How To: Picking the Perfect Wedding Band

How To: Picking the Perfect Wedding Band

First things first, congratulations on your engagement! After you’ve said yes to your spouse-to-be and have that engagement ring snugly on your left hand, it’s time to pick out your wedding band. Here are a few tips to guide you through finding the perfect one:

Start Early


You’re looking for a ring that you will love for a lifetime, so we recommend that you start wedding band shopping at least three months before your wedding. We often find that couples will leave this part of their special day for the last minute, and end up scrambling to find the perfect fit. Especially if you’re going to want a custom design or engravement, start finding your way into jewelry shops as early as you can. 

Bring Your Engagement Ring


When wedding band shopping, we recommend you bring your engagement ring along for the ride. The two don’t necessarily need to match, but you will want to love the way they look together, as well as how your band looks on its own, so try each one on both ways. Bringing your engagement ring can also help with properly sizing your band once you select one. 

Shop For Your Lifestyle


Many people opt to include their wedding band in their everyday attire, so if you think this sounds like something you’ll be doing, too, we recommend that you consider your lifestyle when selecting the perfect ring. If you’re a frequent exerciser or use your hands quite often, such as during work or while doing housework, look towards more durable wedding band options so that you can minimize the possibility of premature wear and damage. The more intricate your band, the more maintenance it will require to stay in mint condition, so if you’re a very active person, a simple band with no gems is your best friend. 

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