Lace on Lace on Lace

Lace on Lace on Lace

Lace on Lace on Lace. Mobile Image

Feb 07, 2020

Lace comes in many shapes and sizes. When brides come in our shop and tell us they like lace, we often ask them for photos. What lace means to each bride is something different and so photos often help us get in the head of our brides in order to pull gowns that they are going to LOVE!

In order to help brides be able to better identify the styles of lace they like, we have put a small guide together of terminology used to describe lovely, lovely lace.



Brocade is a heavily decorated woven fabric that normally has gold or silver silks woven through it.




Patterned and very delicate. Chantilly lace is built on tulle with intricate detail that is often used as just one of the layers in a lace gown.



Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 10.57.15.jpeg


Crochet lace is usually created with a heavier fabric like cotton! It is dynamic and has gorgeous negative space to make the gown feel cohesive.





Embroidered lace is sewn onto a sheer allusion fabric in order to give it the look of an appliqué.