10 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress Online

10 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress Online

10 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress Online. Mobile Image

Jun 28, 2020

2020 Quarantine-life definitely has changed the realm of weddings and wedding planning for that matter. Wedding dates are shifting, dresses are changing and bridal appointments are just a little different! More brides are turning online to find the dress of their dreams. Wedding dress shopping online does have certain advantages, you can browse at your leisure and can make it a special personal experience lighting a candle and drinking some wine, maybe even in a bubble bath. Our goal is to make shopping virtually as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here are 10 tips to help you while wedding dress shopping online!


1.Ask Questions:

Anyone worth their stuff will be happy to answer questions. Just because youre shopping online doesnt mean youre just taking a shot in the dark! Ask whatever questions you can think of, has it been altered? How does the sizing run? Are any areas illusion? Here at LVD were offering virtual one on one appointments with a stylist if you want advice remotely. If youd like to book a virtual appointment with us click here. Or you can shop our online website yourself here. If anyone isnt available or willing to answer your questions, run away.


2.Know Your Measurements:

Bridal sizing runs smaller than standard dress sizes, in all honesty the number really doesnt matter as much as the measurements. Every designer decides how their sizing works for measurements differently, and location of designer matters as gowns by European designers tend to run small. If you dont know your measurements and want to measure at home here is a helpful guide, its really a two person job. Ask if a friend or fiancé can help you out so youre able to ensure the measuring tape stays even all the way around. If youre looking to purchase in advance but planning on losing weight, order for the size you are now. Theres no need to cause added stress of losing weight to fit in a dress when you can always have it taken in. This is the one garment that you want to get fitted perfectly, so you need to ensure youll be able to make that happen.


3.When in Doubt, Size Up:

A dress can always be taken in, letting out however is more rare. A-line dresses are more flexible if you find your dream dress a size or two too small since low hip measurements dont matter as much for that silhouette. If an a-line gown fits your waist measurement but not your bust, look at if the back can be lowered to allow flexibility. Talk to and trust experts opinions of bridal stylists or seamstresses, theyll always be able to let you know what is or isnt going to work.


4.Get Familiar with Fabrics:

Ok, we admit lace is pretty self explanatory, but model photos of silk, crepe, and satin might all look similar at first glance online and all lay very different in person. Its also worth noting to look at how the dress is constructed, do you see boning? How fitted or full does it look? Does it look bra friendly or like something youd sew cups into or a nipple petal scenario? All things to consider once you find something that fits your style!


5.Become Familiar with Store Policies:

Probably the #1 thing to look into is returns. Are they accepted or not? The follow up question for that is why? More often than not, wedding dresses are usually a final sale type of purchase, but there may be the option to exchange for store credit. More often than not if a wedding dress is returnable, I want to know why because that isnt usually the norm. Other things that are helpful to become familiar with is shipping, timeline, contact info!


6.Understand What Type of Dress Youre Purchasing:

The internet is a wonderful place for buying wedding dresses because you have the world at your fingertips. That also means there are a LOT of different types of wedding dresses out there. Is it made to order? Ready now? A designers sample that has just been placed on a model? Is it a case where someone changed their mind and its brand new? Is it a brides dress thats just been worn once before? Is it a sample thats never been worn down the aisle but has been tried on? Has it been altered? There are so many options out there and its helpful to understand what youre actually getting.


7.Figure Out Your Silhouette Offline:

Many brides end up in something totally different that what they originally envisioned. If you know your opinion wont change, then by all means go ahead and order online but if youre unsure or think your opinion could shift, its helpful to see some different styles on your body before buying the one.


8.Allow Time for Shipping + Alterations:

Yay youve found the one! Make sure you have enough time to get it. Even if the dress is something thats ready now, its a good idea to allow a week for shipping and talk to a local seamstress to see the time frame available to alter. 99.9% of bridal gowns need to have some type of alterations done if theyve never been altered before. Some seamstresses have quick turnarounds and could get you good to go in a week or less, but standard alterations timelines are typically 4-6 weeks.


9.If Something Seems TOO Good to be True, It Probably Is:

Look at the source. Is it credible? If something is especially cheap but looks really expensive with a lot of detail work that definitely raises some red flags. See if you can find the same dress somewhere else online and compare prices.


10.Be Prepared to Act Quickly:

Beautiful dresses at discounted rates can move fast! If you find something you absolutely love trust your gut and get it, it may not still be there tomorrow.


Thats it! 10 tips for buying a wedding dress online. We hope these tips are helpful and make you feel confident about wedding dress shopping during quarantine and any time! Global pandemic or not, online is a great place to find your dream dress. If you have any questions about our website or LVD itself shoot us an email at info@lvdbridal.com and happy wedding planning!