Real LVD Stories: Mary Julia's Sweet Love Story

Real LVD Stories: Mary Julia's Sweet Love Story

Real LVD Stories: Mary Julia's Sweet Love Story. Mobile Image

Jan 07, 2021

Our real bride Mary Julia shared the sweet excerpt that her now husband wrote for their wedding website and we had to share!


Mary Julia and Hudson were done with dating. There had just been one too many awkward coffee dates, followed by a distinct lack of communication, and then the final nail in the coffin of unwillingness to make time to actually get to know the other person.

It was a vicious cycle of this over and over again, and they both were weary of it...

But out of nowhere there was this new kind of person. They were interested, interesting, and, best of all, intentional! They were busy with work and life, but made time to spend with the other person because it was important to both of them. They got to know one another. The bad, the good, and the ugly. It didn't matter that they weren't perfect people because perfection wasn't what either of them were looking for.

They were looking for someone that loved them, had fun with them, and truly enjoyed spending time with them. Luckily, that's what both of them got. They didn't think it was possible, but there they stood, looking at the person they'd been searching for.

Is it all rainbows and sunshine? Of course not. But whenever they look at each other, the rain lets up a bit, and the sun seems a bit brighter, so that's close enough for us.