Trending Engagement Rings for 2022

Trending Engagement Rings for 2022

Trending Engagement Rings for 2022. Mobile Image

Dec 28, 2021

The holiday season is in full swing which means engagement season is upon us! So why not fully embrace the warm fuzzy feelings inside and check out these beauties to really get us into the spirit!

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Simple & Stunning

For the girl whos looking for something timeless, simple and elegant, the solitaire cut is the right ring for you! This style of ring can be paired with any type of wedding band for whatever direction your heart desires to go in to dress it up or play it down. Its a ring that never goes out of style, immediately grabbing your attention with its classic, bold beauty! Our friends over at Consider the Wldflwrs are known for eye-catching gems and are locals over here in East Nashville!





Vintage Glam

If youre looking for something romantic, timeless and able to be passed along for decades to come, this vintage style is for you. Local Eclectic carries beautiful vintage finds! Whether its been in your family for generations or is about to be, vintage engagement rings are on the horizon! Also, be on the lookout for pear shaped stonesthey are making a comeback too!


Moissanite Stones

Eco-friendly, lab created rings are the way to go! These rings are so difficult to spot the difference from a true diamond. If youre looking to read more information about moissanite rings and trying to get more bang for your buck, check out Brilliant Earth to give you all the details!




Toi et Moi - You & Me Ring

For the gal that is looking for the romantic love story, this ring is perfect for you! Toi et moi translates to you and me, symbolizing you and your love brought together in two beautiful stones, wrapped together in a band to create a magnificent representation of the love between two lovers. First designed in the late 1900s, this style ring is expected to be making an appearance into 2022!




Alternative & Unique Stones

Alternative, unique stones have been on the rise recently and are predicted to continue to be on the up and up going into the new year! Saphires, emeralds, pearls, aster, opal, turquoise, you name it - all of these stones make for the perfect engagement ring! Alexis Russel is notorious for their ethically sourced, eye catching design! Their colorful stones and intricate details are certainly one of a kind and impressive to say the least.