Choosing The Veil

Choosing The Veil

Choosing The Veil. Mobile Image

Jan 26, 2021

Congrats! You found your dream wedding gown and now youre in the market for a veil to wear for your bridal ceremony. Veils can be a gentle addition to the romance of your bridal gown, or a showstopper of its own. There are plenty of options for what you decide is the perfect cherry on top for your walk down the aisle, and here well highlight two of the most common types of veils.





Cathedral Veils


Cathedral length veils are typically 90'-120 inches. They can feature a blusher (the optional layer that can go over your face) and be simple sheer tulle or intricately embroidered. These veils are meant to fall past the hem of your train. Here are a few of our favorite Cathedral length veils currently available at LVD Bridal Shop.


Luna Veil by Alexandra Grecco




Lillian Veil by Sara Gabriel




Lauren Veil by Sara Gabriel




Fingertip Veils


Fingertip veil lengths are typically 40-60


Dot Veil by Sara Gabriel




Katie Veil by Sara Gabriel




Wallace Veil by Sara Gabriel




When in doubt on choosing your veil never hesitate to ask your bridal stylist for assistance! Were here to help you find the accessories that will compliment your wedding dress beautifully.