Eco Friendly Wedding Trends!

Eco Friendly Wedding Trends!

Eco Friendly Wedding Trends!. Mobile Image

Sep 21, 2021

Here are a few eco-friendly ideas for your special day that allow for you and your love to be able to give back and bring more good to this planet we call home.

Lets start with the invitations. Use recycled paper and soy based inks to let all your loved ones know yall are tying the knot! Artifacts Uprising is a great option if youre starting the stationary search. All materials are 100% reclaimed, recycled and from here in the US!


Outdoor venues cannot disappoint. If we are going to have an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding, why not make sure the venue itself is sustainable?! Hosting a celebration at an outdoor venue is automatically the perfect move. Celebrating love with all of your family and friends, while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery is tough to beat. Plus, having an outdoor wedding allows for you to save on decor too! If you need to have other decorations, furniture pieces, etc. make sure that your decorations can be used again after your wedding or are rental items. Its best if you have these pieces as reusable options to not only get the most out of your purchase, but to not let anything go to waste!

Lets make a promise not to let your stunning florals go to waste at the end of the day. A few ways to reuse and repurpose your arrangements can be through either using potted plants, pressing or drying your blooms, or offering bouquets and centerpieces as gifts to guests! Another idea is to drop off arrangements at retirement homes, hospitals, your neighbors housethe list is endless because so easily flowers can be the gift that keeps on giving!


Serve an eco-friendly menu. Serve seasonal, local and fresh! Juniper Green is known for their fresh and innovative recipes! Your guests will thank you for a fresh and healthy meal to give them enough energy to get down on the dance floor.



Have an exit plan? Throw some sustainable stuff in the air! Flower petals, lavender, leaves (or even hole punch leaves or petals) are some great options that will not make a mess or hurt the environment!

Lastly, find a sustainable dress, obvi. Say no more. We have the perfect dress for you. We are proud to share with you our sustainable model for our store. Being a consignment, off the rack shop, we do not let any dress go to waste. We are happy they get another chance to be worn! And the best part is, you get to take home your gown that day, knowing you were able to give back while still feeling like the beautiful bride that you are. It is always a good feeling finding your dress..and the cherry on top is knowing you contributed to something much greater, while still being on trend, and we are always happy to know these gowns are going to good homes.