2022 Floral Wedding Trends

2022 Floral Wedding Trends

2022 Floral Wedding Trends. Mobile Image

Nov 16, 2021

Are you in the market for some floral inspiration for your wedding? Below are some of the floral trends to get you inspired as we close out 2021. Also! If you are in the Nashville area, check out these local florists for your wedding day: Rosemary & Finch, Olive & Birch, FLWR Shop, Stella Rose and A Village of Flowers.




Hanging & Floor Installations


Flowers. Everywhere. What could be better than being completely surrounded in florals on all sides and above your head?! Nothing. Floral installations are a great way to add natural beauty to your wedding decor, while also filling the space with an effortless touch! Florals make for a great option as an alter, arrangements at the bar, and above the dance floor! Honestly, you cannot go wrong with the more flowers you add to your day.


Photo from FLWR Shop.



Monochromatic Look.

Keep it classy. Keep it fresh. Make it monochromatic.



Dried Arrangements!

After your weddingyoull most likely dry your bouquet to save it forever, right? So why not already get a head start and have dried florals a part of your day! Even mixing some fresh flowers with dried ones add to the texture and look of your arrangements!







Pop of Color

Looking to add a splash to your color palate? Find an accent color or a few youd like to highlight and add it to your florals for the perfect pop!



Tiny Bouquets!

There are occasions where subtle florals make a statement. And your wedding is certainly one of those occasions you are able to make a statement! I meannnn..who doesnt like fun sized items? Petite floral bouquets for you and your bridal party create the perfect romantic, minimalist look!