Not Your Typical Engagement Rings

Not Your Typical Engagement Rings

Not Your Typical Engagement Rings. Mobile Image

Jun 28, 2022

Are you and your love starting to talk about engagement rings?! While it's an exciting and can sometimes be a nerve wracking conversation to have, most likely the topic of rings are going to come up...if you haven't already planted the seed of what you're looking for. SO. The real question is...what are you looking for in an engagement ring? Has your style changed or remained the same since you first started dreaming of what you'd get to one day wear on your finger? Or have you not even thought about what the heck you'd like to wear forever? Here are some beautiful and unique ideas to get your wheels in motion.




For the bride who wants to go against the grain, break the mold and wear something a little more nontraditional...there are plenty of alternative gemstone options for you! Emerald, sapphire, pearl, black onyx are all stunning options when it comes to thinking about a gemstone other than a traditional diamond!





Do you find yourself as a nostalgic bride? If so, vintage rings are for you! There are hundreds and hundreds of different shapes, styles and looks alone when it comes to picking out a vintage ring. The personality of the old soul wearing this style of ring is personified through its beauty and timelessness in the detailing itself.  Heidi Gibson is notorious for designing vintage style rings. Be sure to check her out, for her rings can do no wrong.





For the bride who is always on trend, try a contoured stack set! Your options are endless when it comes to picking out what kind of band or bands you'd like to pair with your stunning engagement ring. Looking for a jeweler who knows what they are talking about when it comes to keeping up with the trends, while still remaining timeless? Kasia Jewelry is a personal favorite! Their ring stacking options make for the perfect combination to wear forever.





If you are looking for something drop dead gorgeous and bold, eternity bands are for you! These rings pair with any kind of ring and also make for great stackable rings if you want to have multiple eternity bands for your engagement ring, wedding band and anniversary band! These rings take a modern twist on the classic diamond engagement ring, creating something brilliant and catchy to the eye. 



No matter what ring you and your love decide on, may it be something you forever treasure!