Real Bride: Arielle!

Real Bride: Arielle!

Real Bride: Arielle!. Mobile Image

Nov 23, 2021

Our real LVD Bride, Arielle, and her love tied the knot last May in a little quiet part of Brown County State Park under a blooming tree! We cannot be more over the moon for these two. She looked like a complete dream in Grace by Vagabond. Truly stunning. This dress embodies such timeless elegance with its clean cut crepe, romantic off the shoulder neckline, mixed with a center slit for a fun flare...and let’s not forget the covered buttons added during alterations down the back of the gown to tie everything together!


What did your dress make you feel? What was your favorite part about it?

I loved the off-the-shoulder detailing of my dress and the center slit at the bottom! I modified the dress slightly and changed the slit and added buttons down the entire back of the dress, and it turned out to be so lovely! I’ve always wanted buttons on my wedding dress, and the dress I found at LVD was perfect for it. It made me feel very elegant.


How did you feel on your wedding day?!

I felt really beautiful on my wedding day, but most of all, I really felt at peace. My husband and I went back and forth and prayed about having a formal wedding but eventually decided that eloping would be the best choice for us… and it really was! There is usually a lot of stress tied to wedding days, but for me, it was the exact opposite. I was so calm and relaxed and was just really grateful to be starting the next season of life with my husband.


Do you have any words of wisdom to share with brides?

So, while you are preparing for your special day, my words of wisdom are this: celebrate the sweet season of engagement and your special day knowing that your best days together are ahead of you! I would also say try to avoid as much stress as possible. I think a lot of people put pressure on having their wedding day be as perfect as possible, but life is never perfect and so many little things can (and usually do) go wrong. So just enjoy the sweet season of engagement and enjoy anticipating your beautiful wedding day without having the unnecessary pressure of perfection.




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