Sustainable Fashion: Why is it Important?

Sustainable Fashion: Why is it Important?


Sustainable Fashion, What is it?

You've probably heard this word get tossed around quite a bit and while you know or at least assume it's good and necessary thing, do you know properly what "sustainable fashion" entails? Consisting of many different elements, sustainable fashion prioritizes the entirety of the product's production. Fabrics are ethically sourced, recycled and made up of natural materials. Environment, atmosphere and shipping plays an important role too in sustainable fashion. Many designers make sure that their employees are treated with the utmost respect in their working conditions, proper eco-friendly lighting, machinery and products are being utilized and shipping materials are made up of recycled goods!


So, Why Do We Do What We Do?

LVD was an idea born out of a desire to eco-consciously deal with a need at our sister store, The Dress Theory. As The Dress Theory expanded their locations, there became a need to wisely move gowns that had been discontinued by designers or were apart of seasons that they could no longer show on their floor during appointments. Now, most bridal boutiques will have sample sales every once in a while where they try to move this inventory in a blitz. Some even try to keep a sale rack in their store for brides that are on a budget or have a shorter time line. Camille came up with the idea to create a place for all of this inventory to be collected in one area so that both LVD and The Dress Theory could continue to have the curated experience that people have come to know and love when you walk in the door. Having all of these gowns available in one location, off the rack, give brides the chance to have a handmade, designer gown at a more affordable price point.


With the success and growth of LVD, fellow boutiques from around the country that carry similar designers started sending their dresses to us as well! 


Today, our inventory comes from not only boutiques but from designers as well! We consign directly with some of our favorite TDT designers such as Sarah Seven.

The last piece of our collection is consignment. Brides who have unused or lightly used gowns can consign with us and give a future bride the chance to fall in love!

LVD has become a place for companies to contribute to sustainable fashion.