To Veil or Not to Veil?

To Veil or Not to Veil?

To Veil or Not to Veil?. Mobile Image

Mar 22, 2022

For hundreds and hundreds of years now, veils have been and continue to be a tradition for brides across the world. As what once was a symbol to shield and protect the bride from any evil spirits that might try to rob her of her happiness, brides began wearing these light tulle pieces as a garment to preserve herself for her future partner. Now, brides, we ask ourselves the question, “It’s 2022. To wear or not to wear?”


You do you, boo. Again, it’s 2022. You’re the bride. And let’s be real, there are few times you get to pull the bride card, so take advantage of getting to make your day what you’d like it to be!


Wear the Veil


You’ve decided to wear the veil, but which one are you going to wear?! Veils vary in length. You can choose ones that are the smallest piece of tulle covering your face to the most dramatic look as you walk down the aisle. Either way, we love a veil!


It should compliment your gown, not take away or compete with your dress. If you have a gown with lots of detail, you might want to look for something less ornate for your veil. And for the more clean, modern bride, add some pizazz with your veil - lace, pearls, sparkle! Or keep it clean and simple. You always have tons of options! Some designers have gowns that have the same lace, embroidery or embellishment on a veil that matches the dress! Whichever you decide, think of the overall ensemble from dress to hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes when choosing your veil! 



Don’t Wear the Veil


No veil? No problem! There are many different options to replace the veil look. Tiaras, hair clips, combs, flowers, flower crowns, headbands or even capes are some great options! Remember, it's YOUR wedding day. There are no wrong answers with what you'd like to do to style your dream dress! Looking for more accessories? Book your Accessory Appointment with us today!