Buying a Gown at LVD Bridal

Buying a Gown at LVD Bridal. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2021

When you choose to purchase a wedding dress at LVD Bridal, youre choosing a sustainable fashion bridal gown that already exists vs something made to order. Our gowns are handpicked to reflect our brides unique, minimal, modern, romantic, fashion-forward, or bohemian bride aesthetic. They are sourced from our sister boutique, The Dress Theory, and other independent boutiques and beloved bridal designers as well as consigned directly from brides.


Kennedy by Sarah Seven at LVD Bridal

Kennedy by Sarah Seven at LVD Bridal


There are various ways to shop at LVD Bridal: in person, online, or at a sample sale.


In Person Shopping: By appointment only, youll get an hour of time dedicated with a stylist to help find the dress of your dreams. Gowns in person at LVD in Nashville typically range from $1000-$5000 and are all discounted off of traditional retail prices. The gowns you try on would be the one you take home, so if you find your dream dress youll immediately purchase and have that gown! In store inventory is constantly shifting and changing as we receive more and gowns sell. LVD (pronounced loved) was founded to ensure brides could find the unique, modern, minimal, indie, alternative, or bohemian wedding dress of their dreams. A dress by the independent, sought-after designer they loved. Even if the bride was on a more limited timeline or budget!


Online Shopping: In 2020 our online shop of wedding gowns was born. These pieces are completely separate from the gowns in store and are their own inventory, so theres no crossover of someone purchasing a dress online while a bride is in the shop trying it on! We have an inventory of dresses constantly available online, that can be purchased with a 14 day return window in case it isnt right for you. We also offer virtual consultations with stylists to help you decide what dress would be best from our online inventory. More FAQ about purchasing a wedding gown online with LVD can be accessed here. Every so often we also host flash sales on our online shop with major discounts on wedding dresses, those items purchased online are final sale. Gowns are sorted by silhouette and all have measurements listed, remember you can always take in a bridal gown and majority havent undergone any alterations yet. To shop online at LVD click here.


Sample Sale Shopping: While majority of the inventory at LVD Bridal are sample wedding dresses, making LVD similar to a sample sale you might be familiar with at traditional bridal boutiques; LVD sample sales are a little different. Were talking SUPER discounts on designer wedding dresses and very budget friendly. LVDs next sample sale is January 13, 2021 and were so excited to see what brides find for amazing prices. While sample sales used to look a little different, currently with covid regulations they are by appointment only. To book an appointment for the sample sale at LVD in Nashville email