About Us


An Easy, Lucky, Free-Spirited experience!


LVD Bridal Boutique by The Dress Theory Bridal Shop is here to make designer wedding gown consignment effortless and enjoyable, both for the engaged and already hitched alike! LVD Bridal was started in 2014 in Nashville by Camille Wynn and The Dress Theory Nashville team. We didn’t expect to fall head over heels the way we did for our LVD Brides and concept, but it has been the most beautiful expansion of our brand.

In 2018, we began to finally expand our beloved brand to the next level, offering you a simple, yet stunning online wedding dress shopping experience. We can’t wait to meet you, match you with the bridal gown of your dreams, and help you get “Lucky in LVD”!

PS We pronounce LVD, “Loved” ;)










We've curated a collection of wedding gowns that evoke The Dress Theory aesthetic (effortless, unforgettable, and elevated) in great condition by your favorite designers in a fun, easy, and beautiful boutique setting. What brides dream of! These gowns come from our Dress Theory sister boutique (and boutiques owned by our stylish friends) sample collection, other brides, and vintage buying trips where we are shopping with the original Dress Theory look in mind. Perfect for brides working on a short timeline, eco-friendly green state-of-mind, and/or specific price point! Or if you’re worried that your made-to-order gown might not come in how you wanted? Buying one off-the-rack eliminates all those worries. Shopping with our stylists at our Nashville bridal boutique eliminates the uncertainty of purchasing preowned or even new gowns online. And we all know wedding dress shopping is about the in-boutique experience so we've created a premier destination for unique, designer wedding dress resale.


Already Hitched?  


For the bride looking to resell a wedding gown, our concept is simple. We do all the work for you! We want to make designer gown resale easier for everyone. Even if you do not live near LVD we've streamlined the process for you whether you live in the neighborhood or you are a past Dress Theory San Diego or Seattle bride. You can contact a team member directly whenever needed and turn the process over to our team while truly helping another bride find happiness, love, and beauty. Plus the extra room in your closet and extra cash in your wallet is never a bad problem to have!   Reasons our brides and boutiques choose to resell with us? Whether it’s for eco-conscious, space-saving, or a little extra money-making purposes, that beautiful dress is going to make someone else so happy and will be so loved again! You can trust we will give your gowns all our love and help a bride-to-be fall for your dress in a beautiful boutique setting to be adored and appreciated by all.